Commercial interests aside, major transformations are going to take place in the cannabis industry and humanity. CHEECHABLE FUTURE is an outlet to process and record the trek into the unknown.

"Archaic frameworks are no longer serving us. We can start to see a different future; more innovative ways of living and supporting one another. CANNABIS CAN SAVE US ALL!"

CHEECHABLE FUTURE is a 5x7 perfect, pad bound zine that features 36 pages of speculative art and writing about the future of cannabis and humanity. Some of the art is embedded with augmented reality to play with the concepts of utopian and dystopian constructs.  



What are your ideas for the future? Are you experiencing large scale change and feel more connected to a universal framework? Have you got a story to tell? A cause or event that you’d like to see happen? A product idea? Speculative fantasies highly encouraged! 

Let's design the future together! 


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